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It’s the weekend! We have a Tequila and 2 Wines ON SALE!!

Jose Cuervo La Reserva Anejo Tequila on sale for $79.99/bottle

Jose Cuervo La Reserva Anejo Tequila is taking a huge price increase. Now, when I say “huge” I mean HUGE!!!!! My distributor is raising the wholesale cost by 60%, which means the new retail price is going to be at least $130/bottle. I will be adjusting the price next week, but before I do that I’m going to put it on sale. For this weekend and this weekend only, I’m going to put Jose Cuervo La Reserva Anejo Tequila on sale for $79.99/bottle. Take advantage while you can!

Item No: 38260

BUY NOW!!! Vineyard Price: $79.99

French Innovator makes 91 point Aussie: 27% Discount!

Chapoutier is to the Rhone Valley what Chateau Mouton-Rothschild is to Bordeaux-AN INNOVATOR! Now he has taken on the Aussies with a DYNAMIC blend of Shiraz-Viognier that nailed a 91 point Wine Enthusiast score-I am slashing the price 27%, making it $13.99!

Item No: 2539

$36/Case PERFECT Summer White!

Kendermanns White Pinot Noir, is usually $5/bottle, but throughout the weekend-buy a case of this Perfect Summer White and WAMMO, the price plummets to $36/case ($3/bottle). And, yes, before you ask-the wine IS damn good, so put it to the test-it WILL surprise you! Cheers.

Item No: 8148

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Remember this name: LUCA CURRADO. He just produced a 2007 rockstar red from select vineyard parcels in and around Barolo for $19.95/bottle!!! Luca Currado is the proprietor/winemaker of Vietti and son of legendary Barolo producer Alfredo Currado, who just handed over Vietti’s winemaking reins to Luca. Luca has singlehandedly crafted wines with the kind of power and class that positions his Barolos among the elite wines of the region!!!

“There seems to be no end to this estate’s ambition… I wish there were more wineries setting their sights on this level of quality”

…from Antonio Galloni of Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate, and he’s right! Vietti’s 2007 Nebbiolo “Perbacco” (RP90+) is notable for its poignant concentration, sublime complexity and VALUE. Let me tell you-you’re getting a $50 bottle of wine for $19.95. Don’t miss out!

BUY NOW!!! Vineyard Price: $19.95

Offer valid NOW through August 5, 2010

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Over the years, I’ve put together a lot of different deals and have featured items no one has ever thought of. Most of the time, people looked at me and thought I was crazy. More often than not, these specials were a huge success. You’d think after a while, people would have a little faith in my judgment. You’d be wrong. Today I’m promoting an item that EVERYONE thought I was crazy for featuring: Stiegl Radler Lemon Beer.

Suppliers are CONSTANTLY dropping off samples for me to try. There aren’t enough hours in the day to sample everything. Sometimes, it’s just dumb luck when I find an item that strikes my fancy. That’s what happened with Stiegl Radler Lemon Beer. I was sitting with another supplier when my salesman dropped off a bottle. For some reason, after the meeting was over, I popped open the bottle and took a swig. I was pleasantly surprised. I then looked at the bottle. In a time when brewers are using crazy brewing techniques, this beer couldn’t be any simpler. It’s 50% beer and 50% lemon soda. It may sound like it wouldn’t work, but it is SO GOOD! It’s also only $2.49/bottle. Let the naysayers laugh. This beer is going to fly off the shelf!

BUY NOW!!! Vineyard Price: $2.49

Offer valid NOW through August 4, 2010

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50% PRICE BREAK on Achaval-Ferrer’s 92 Point Malbec: The Best @ the Best Price in the Nation!!!

Vintage: 2007

I got my hands on more Achaval Ferrer Quimera, the 92 point Argentinian Red that Jay Miller of Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate flipped over. Achaval Ferrer’s Quimera is a multi-regional Mendoza-born wine that leverages the brilliance of Mendoza terroir. Regular price is $40-but I got my hands on some more at an even better price, so until I sell out-this wine is $23.99. Cheers!

BUY NOW!!!!  Vineyard Price: $23.99

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Today’s Wine Special reminds me a lot of Zaca Mesa Syrah for TWO REASONS: First of all, Two Angels is HOT HOT HOT! It has been touted as one of the BEST NEW WINE BRANDS by the prestigious Winereviewonline. Secondly, and probably more importantly, is the $$$ you will save. At the winery, the 2005 TWO ANGELS SYRAH sells for $28… At Shopper’s Vineyard, we are blowing out this discovery at 50% less than the winery: $13.95/bottle!!!

In Two Angels Syrah, winemaker Bob Pepi has managed to produce something of a Cinderella Story from Lake County’s Shannon Ridge Vineyard – making it both explosive and sublime, thanks to a miracle marriage of soil, sunlight and altitude.

We bought up every single case left, so grab as much of this $13.95 deal as you can at 50% off the Winery’s price!

BUY NOW!!! Vineyard Price: $13.95

Offer valid NOW through August 3, 2010

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Be sure check out Steve & Brian’s new weekly wine picks just posted!!!!

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Nothing shocks me when it comes to vodka. I’ve had everything from cotton candy vodka to black truffle vodka. I’ve seen it all and I’ve tasted it all. At least I thought I did. I say this because I recently brought in a vodka I never would have imagined in my wildest dreams: Devotion Vodka.

Now, what makes Devotion Vodka so different? Casein. What’s casein? In simple terms, casein is a milk-based protein. That’s right, folks. Devotion Vodka has protein in it. Believe it or not, Devotion Vodka is HUGE at the Jersey Shore. All those tanned up hard bodies you’ve seen on television are now drinking this vodka. Sales skyrocketed when summer hit because people would stop in and pick up a few bottles on their way to the shore. A bottle of Devotion Vodka costs around $40/bottle at the Jersey Shore, but we are going to put it on sale for $23.99/bottle. Think of it like this. If you are going to do something bad, you might as well do something good.

BUY NOW!!! Vineyard Price: $23.99

Please take a moment to check out my:
Video Report on Devotion Vodka 

Offer valid NOW through July 31, 2010

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