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I am going to run today’s Wine Offer a little differently than in the past, frankly because I can’t decide on a single item: all three hail from the same legendary family estate and, most importantly, are RIDICULOUSLY PRICED DEALS!!!

Today’s offer comes from the House of Allegrini, a winery that has been touted as one of the Greatest Wine Estates in all of Italy, having garnered more than a dozen “3-Glass Awards” from Gambero Rosso. Robert Parker ranked Allegrini’s Amarone #16 as one of “50 Bottles that Changed Our World”!

I just discovered that Franco Allegrini himself made a “SECRET” label of wines, originally earmarked for restaurants, and called it ‘Mio’ (aka… “Mine”). It is a FRACTION OF THE PRICE but when you order 6 or more of any combination of the 3 wines below, GROUND SHIPPING IS FREE OF CHARGE!!!

Jump on this value offering TODAY. Cheers!

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If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 100 times. Tesseron is THE BEST Cognac producer on the market today. Never heard of them? Well, Robert Parker rated the Lot 29 100pts! I think that says something about the quality of their juice. I recommend Tesseron all the time and no one is ever disappointed.

Of course, there is always a down side. What’s the down side? The NJ rep for this company is an @#$hole! He once came to me and complained that my prices were too low. I can honestly tell you the mark-ups were right in line. But it doesn’t matter. No one can tell a retailer what to charge for an item. If I buy something for $100/bottle then I can sell it for $100/bottle. Regardless, he just wouldn’t let it go. He just kept talking down to me telling me I didn’t know anything about retail. I finally kicked him out and told him to never step foot in my store again. I later got a call from my distributor apologizing for how the rep acted.

Oddly enough, I got a call from my salesman and he asked me if I could do him a favor and buy a few cases of Tesseron Lot No. 90 XO Selection Cognac. I told him I would, but I’m going to get VERY aggressive on my pricing and didn’t want to hear any complaints about it. He said “No problem!” So, for the rest of the week, I’m going to put this AMAZING Cognac on sale for $39.99/bottle. I doubt this price will be beat, but supply is limited. Take advantage of this price while you can. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Buy it Now: $39.99!

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My first job out of college was with a beer distributor. The year was 1994 and the “Beer Boom” was at its’ height. There seemed to be a new beer coming out every other day. Unfortunately, a lot of these new companies were just trying to capitalize on the craze and released substandard beer. Long story short, 95% of those companies were out of business by 1997. After that, the beer boom died.

I’m sure everyone knows that we are in the midst of another Beer Boom. However, it’s not like the previous one. The new beers hitting the market are top notch. These breweries are just as serious as the top level wine producers. The main problem is availability. I would love to promote more of these beers, but I can’t get enough cases. However, I got lucky and am now able to feature an uber-allocated beer: Nectar Ales Black Xantus Imperial Stout.

Black Xantus is a GREAT beer. It’s aged in a few different barrels, but the most predominant finish is the bourbon barrel. If you love bourbon then you will love this beer. Ratebeer.com scored this beer 99/100 and it’s more than deserving of that score. I will be putting them on sale for $12.99/bottle. It is expensive, but once you try it you will agree it’s worth it. While I got enough for this e-mail, I don’t think it will last long. Stock up while it’s available.

Buy it Now: $12.99!

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