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When someone talks about small batch whiskey, they’re usually referring to bourbon or rye produced in no more than 20 barrels, sometimes significantly less, although there is no formal regulation or guideline that defines a small batch. Most small batch whiskeys are aged in oak barrels for six to nine years, while some are aged as long as 23 years.

The master blenders of small batch American whiskey are like fine artists, working to create the impeccable balance of flavor, smoothness and power. While some consider single barrel whiskey to be an act of nature, or even a fluke, small batch whiskeys are widely recognized as carefully crafted works of art.

Here are five of our favorite small batch American whiskeys.


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Moonshine. White lightning. Hooch. Mountain dew. Tennessee white whiskey. The names paint a picture, don’t they?

When most of us think of moonshine, we think of illegal whiskey produced in homemade stills in the backwoods and hill country of the south. Poured from unmarked bottles and jars, this whiskey would make you wince and set your throat on fire. Actually, this depiction of moonshine isn’t necessarily inaccurate.

Just don’t believe everything you see in the movies and on television. (more…)

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