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Right off the bat, I can guarantee you this. There is only a small window to order todays special. I say this because todays special is low-production, has miniscule distribution and uber-tiny allocations. Is uber-tiny even a word? Probably not, but I’m sure I’m being crystal clear in regard to availability.

Earlier this week, I got a visit from John Glaser, founder of Compass Box, and Robin Robinson, Compass Box Whisky Ambassador and all around “Great Guy”. They came to taste me on the soon to be released Compass Box 10th Anniversary Flaming Heart Scotch Whisky. Only 4000 bottles were produced. The US got 1800 bottles. So far, my distributor got 10 cases, which I took. Will more be coming? I have no idea. As I write this e-mail, I don’t even have the cases. This is dangerous because if this e-mail upsets anyone, my distributor can easily refuse to send me the cases. Lets hope that doesn’t happen.

I’ve said multiple times that I’m not a huge fan of peaty whiskies. It’s become a contest to see how much peat and smoke you can jam into a bottle. It takes away from the complexity. If there were ever a peaty whisky I would drink, this would be it. There is a nice balance of peat and smoke upon first taste followed by a sweetness on the back-end. As I was talking to John and Robin, I found myself taking more sips. Every sip I took, the more I loved this whisky. I NEVER thought I’d say that about a “peaty” whisky.

I was told the suggested retail price would be $99.99/bottle. That’s high! My 60 bottles will be on sale for $79.99/bottle. Truthfully, I’m sure I can sell them for $99.99, but I don’t have the heart to over-charge you, like I’m sure everyone else will. That last sentence might be the one that puts the kibosh on my cases. Lets hope not because the whisky is AWESOME!

Buy Now! Vineyard Price: $79.99

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I have featured a lot of Whisky Combo Packs. Believe it or not, Combo Packs aren’t meant to be sold as “Combo Packs.” In actuality, they are a way for the distillery to get new products into a retail store or a bar/restaurant without a large investment by the account. However, I might have singlehandedly ruined the concept because I started featuring these combo packs in my eLetters. The more successful these features became, the less willing my distributor were willing to make combo packs.

The first Scotch Combo Pack I featured was with Compass Box. This feature was a HUGE success and caused problems across the country. Since then, my distributor has been trying to put together another combo pack for me to feature. Unfortunately, the numbers just didn’t work. After a lot of back and forth, they finally put one together. However, in order for it to sell, my price had to be aggressive. So aggressive, in fact, that I wasn’t going to make any money and neither was my distributor. It’s more of a “Customer Appreciation Special.”

So, here’s the deal. The Compass Box Combo Pack includes (1) Asyla 750ml, (1) Oak Cross 750ml and (1) Spice Tree 750ml. On average, these 3 whiskies will cost anywhere from $130-$150. My cost will be $99.99/combo pack. There is one catch. I only have 40 combo packs. Considering I sold over 100 combo packs the last time, you might want to order quickly

Watch my Video Report on Hthe Compass Box Combo Pack

Buy Now! Vineyard Price: $99.99

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