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Most people don’t realize that all beer was organic until the 19th century. In fact, historian Gregg Smith points out that organic beer-like beverages go all the way back to the ancient Mesopotamians, who would store “liquid bread” for later use. But modern organic beer didn’t debut in the United States until the mid-1990s.

The stigma traditionally associated with anything organic – beer included – has always been very average to poor taste. That’s not the case anymore. Aside from being better for your body and better for the environment, modern organic beer tastes pretty darn good, too.

There are two primary levels of certification for organic beer. “100 Percent Organic” is the highest level, brewed completely from organically produced ingredients.

“Organic” is the next level and includes most organic beers. These must be brewed from only 95 percent organically produced ingredients. The other five percent must not be available in organic form.


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I just got my allocation of the Stone Anniversary 14 Emperial IPA. Quite truthfully, I don’t have to put too much thought into this e-mail. Most beer enthusiasts know that the Stone Anniversaries are highly allocated and very hard to get. Not surprising since most of the Anniversaries score in the high 90’s. Well, the current release is no different because Ratebeer.com scored the Stone 14 98/100. I’m going to put it on sale for $6.99/bottle. I got a small allocation and it should be gone in the blink of an eye. Order quickly!

BUY NOW!!!  Vineyard Price: $6.99

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Over the years, I’ve put together a lot of different deals and have featured items no one has ever thought of. Most of the time, people looked at me and thought I was crazy. More often than not, these specials were a huge success. You’d think after a while, people would have a little faith in my judgment. You’d be wrong. Today I’m promoting an item that EVERYONE thought I was crazy for featuring: Stiegl Radler Lemon Beer.

Suppliers are CONSTANTLY dropping off samples for me to try. There aren’t enough hours in the day to sample everything. Sometimes, it’s just dumb luck when I find an item that strikes my fancy. That’s what happened with Stiegl Radler Lemon Beer. I was sitting with another supplier when my salesman dropped off a bottle. For some reason, after the meeting was over, I popped open the bottle and took a swig. I was pleasantly surprised. I then looked at the bottle. In a time when brewers are using crazy brewing techniques, this beer couldn’t be any simpler. It’s 50% beer and 50% lemon soda. It may sound like it wouldn’t work, but it is SO GOOD! It’s also only $2.49/bottle. Let the naysayers laugh. This beer is going to fly off the shelf!

BUY NOW!!! Vineyard Price: $2.49

Offer valid NOW through August 4, 2010

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This is going to be an odd promotion, but I’m going to be offering you a HUGE discount, so let’s keep an open mind.

Today, I’m going to be featuring KingFisher Lt Lager (24) 12oz Bottle Case. There is a story behind this deal. Apparently, my distributor ordered a few containers of the KingFisher Lager, but they got the Light, instead. Not wanting to go through the trouble of returning it, they decided to drop the price considerably and move the cases through the system. I, of course, jumped on the deal. Normally, a case of this beer sells for $30 or more. Until I sell out, I’m going to put it on sale $11.99/case. That breaks down to a 63% discount. Believe me. These cases are going to fly out the door. Take advantage while you can.

BUY NOW!  Vineyard Price: $11.99

Offer valid NOW through July 28, 2010

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Let’s be honest. Anything from Oskar Blues Brewery is going to be expensive. Being in a can, you’d think they would be more affordable. They’re not! I guess it’s the new fad to put artisan beers in cans. I’m sure there is some symbolism for this, but I’m not smart enough to put it into words.

The newest release from Oskar Blues Brewery is the Gubna Imperial IPA. I think it hit the market about 2 months ago, but I was only able to get the cases now. Ratebeer.com scored this beer 98/100 and it’s not cheap. Actually, I called my salesman and asked why it was so expensive. The best he could come up with was, “It’s 10% ABV.” In other words, he has no idea. Nevertheless, Gubna has limited distribution and beer enthusiasts are chomping at the bit to get it. They will be on sale for $89.99/case. Like I said, it’s not cheap.

BUY NOW! Vineyard Price: $89.99

Offer valid NOW through July 21, 2010

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Today, I’m going to be featuring the Humboldt Hemp Ale (24) 12oz Bottle Case. This beer is very confusing to me. First off, the beer is called Humboldt Hemp Ale, but I was told the company is actually called Nectar Ales. Where did the name Humboldt come from? Secondly, the 6-Packs say “Hemp Ale” on them, but the 22oz bottles don’t. I was told the brewery wasn’t allowed to put it on the bottle. Why? I have no idea. Third and fourth… Ummm… I don’t remember. I guess hemp really does affect the memory.

Here’s the deal. Humboldt Hemp Ale is a brown ale that is brewed using toasted hemp seeds. Up until recently, it was only available in California due to the use of hemp seeds. Besides California, I was told it’s only sold in Virginia and New Jersey. I can’t 100% confirm that it’s not in another state, but I did a search and couldn’t find it available anywhere else. Regardless, distribution is super-limited. A case normally sells for over $40, but I’m going to put it on sale for $34.99/case. Pick up a case and let me know if you get a different buzz. I can’t wait for the stories.

BUY NOW!  Vineyard Price: $34.99

Watch my Video Review of Hemp Ale

Offer valid July 7, 2010 through July 14, 2010

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Honestly, it seems like Southern Tier Brewery releases a seasonal beer about every month. Good or Bad? I’m not really sure. I guess it is what it is. I can tell you some sell better than others. Some of the top sellers are the Mokah, Krampus, Choklat and Jahva. However, the best seller of them all is the Southern Tier Crème Brulee Stout.

This is such a good beer. Scoring 97/100 from Ratebeer.com, this beer really tastes like Crème Brulee. Like all Southern Tier seasonal releases, this was a pre-sale. That means I got one shot to order it. If I don’t order enough, I have to wait until next year to get it again. The wholesale cost on ST Crème Brulee is $6.67/bottle. You will see it retail between $9-$11/bottle. I’m going to put it on sale for $6.99/bottle, which is probably the lowest price around. I’m charging this price just to deplete some of my inventory, so once the week is over, it’s going back to $8.99/bottle. No exceptions!

BUY NOW! Vineyard Price: $6.99

Watch my Video Review of Southern Tier Crème Brulee Stout

Offer valid June 30, 2010 through July 7, 2010

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