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CAMERON HUGHES IS ON FIRE!!! I bought the lion’s share of the winery’s Medium Dry Riesling (“Lot 151”) two weeks ago and have already sold through more than half of it!!! THIS WILL IMPRESS — it’s a clean, crisp flavor-packed white with flavors of nectarine, honeysuckle, and peach…and at $8.99/bottle, is PERFECT FOR THANKSGIVING and WILL SELL OUT!!! You’re getting this email just in time – jump on this one today before it’s gone for good!!!

Buy Now! Vineyard Price: $8.99

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BELIEVE THE HYPE! There have been PROFOUND California Cabs from the 2007 vintage, a year that has seen MONGO REVIEWS across the board! Add to that an oversupply of uber-premium
Napa & Sonoma juice and BAMM you’ve got Cameron Hughes, this country’s most important, highly regarded, domestic negotiant.

The model is simple: Cameron Hughes partners with top-tier wineries, bottles their original, unadulterated wines as “Lots”, and sells them for a fraction of the original price. His pedigree has been unquestionable, which is why he has blazed a trail garnering legions of followers, especially on wine bulletin boards and the blogosphere.

Today’s offer, the 2007 Cameron Hughes Cabernet Sauvignon Lot 173 IS EXCEPTIONAL!!! It is directly sourced from Knights Valley & Chalk Hill from a Cabernet Sauvignon producer (Shhhhh!) whose release price goes for $50-75/bottle: LOT 173 CRUSHES THIS PRICE — $16.99/bottle!!! After tasting, I jumped on the last 42 cases from the winery-the wine is here today but will be gone tomorrow-Buy Now! Cheers!

Watch my Video Report on Sam Smith Winter Welcome

Buy Now! Vineyard Price: $36.00/case!

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