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When someone talks about small batch whiskey, they’re usually referring to bourbon or rye produced in no more than 20 barrels, sometimes significantly less, although there is no formal regulation or guideline that defines a small batch. Most small batch whiskeys are aged in oak barrels for six to nine years, while some are aged as long as 23 years.

The master blenders of small batch American whiskey are like fine artists, working to create the impeccable balance of flavor, smoothness and power. While some consider single barrel whiskey to be an act of nature, or even a fluke, small batch whiskeys are widely recognized as carefully crafted works of art.

Here are five of our favorite small batch American whiskeys.


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Today, I’m closing out Hardy Vanilla Cognac. If you aren’t familiar with it, it’s similar to Navan, which is made by Grand Marnier. Basically, Hardy Vanilla is an 8yr VSOP Cognac blended with vanilla from Madagascar. Personally, I think its best enjoyed after dinner as a compliment to dessert. I’ve had it with chocolate cake and cheesecake and the combination works well.

So, here’s the deal. Originally, Hardy Vanilla retailed for $35-$40/bottle. I’m closing it out for $9.99/bottle, which is between a 72%-75% discount. Actually, I’ve been closing it out for a while. I didn’t think it would be a huge seller, but at $9.99 people were buying it without me even mentioning it. When my distributor told me they were down to their last cases, I bought the remaining inventory and decided to feature it in an eLetter. It may sound like a weird combination, but it works. At this price, it’s worth picking up a few bottles.

Please take a moment to check out my new: Video Report on Hardy Vanilla Cognac

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If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 100 times. Tesseron is THE BEST Cognac producer on the market today. Never heard of them? Well, Robert Parker rated the Lot 29 100pts! I think that says something about the quality of their juice. I recommend Tesseron all the time and no one is ever disappointed.

Of course, there is always a down side. What’s the down side? The NJ rep for this company is an @#$hole! He once came to me and complained that my prices were too low. I can honestly tell you the mark-ups were right in line. But it doesn’t matter. No one can tell a retailer what to charge for an item. If I buy something for $100/bottle then I can sell it for $100/bottle. Regardless, he just wouldn’t let it go. He just kept talking down to me telling me I didn’t know anything about retail. I finally kicked him out and told him to never step foot in my store again. I later got a call from my distributor apologizing for how the rep acted.

Oddly enough, I got a call from my salesman and he asked me if I could do him a favor and buy a few cases of Tesseron Lot No. 90 XO Selection Cognac. I told him I would, but I’m going to get VERY aggressive on my pricing and didn’t want to hear any complaints about it. He said “No problem!” So, for the rest of the week, I’m going to put this AMAZING Cognac on sale for $39.99/bottle. I doubt this price will be beat, but supply is limited. Take advantage of this price while you can. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Buy it Now: $39.99!

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My distributor gave me a close-out on Kubler Absinthe and I’m passing along the savings. Normally $45/bottle, I’m closing it out for $11.99/bottle, which is a 74% discount. Supply is limited, so order quickly.

Buy it Now: $11.99!

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I would say my best selling bourbon of this year was Jefferson Presidential Select 17yr Bourbon. The blockbuster sales were based on the 96pt score from the Malt Advocate and the fact that the barrels were from one of the last years Stitzel-Weller produced whiskey. The original release price was $90/bottle, but in August we got a special price on my distributors remaining cases and put them on sale for $64.99/bottle. I was told this was the last of the cases and no more would be available. They sold quickly.

Well, never say never because I just got more cases. How does this happen? It’s a very simple explanation. Another State, I’m not sure which one, didn’t do a very good job of selling their allocation of Jefferson 17yr. As a result, the company that owns Jefferson, Castle Brands, sent the cases to a market that is sure to sell it. That State would be New Jersey and a little more specifically, Shoppers Vineyard. So, once again, I’m going to be putting these remaining cases on sale for $64.99/bottle. This is definitely a collectors item, folks. I had a lot of customers who missed out on the original promotion, so now you get a second chance. Make it count.

Please take a moment to check out my:
NEW Video Report on Jefferson Presidential Select 17yr

Buy it Now: $64.99!

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I don’t usually run deals on gin UNLESS I get a KILLER deal. Obviously, I got one. Right Gin got a “B” rating from Drinkhacker.com and has a retail price of $40/bottle. I got a close-out on my distributors remaining cases, which will allow me to offer this gin to you for $9.99/bottle. That’s a 75% discount. Believe me, you won’t find a better deal on a gin. Only 12 cases are available, so order quickly.

Buy it Now: $9.99!

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When a product is “HOT” you can pretty much forget about getting a special deal from the distributors. In the back of my mind, it makes sense. Why should they give a retailer a better deal when the product is flying out the door? Of course, as a retailer, I don’t want to hear that. But just as quickly as a product takes off is just as fast as it can slow down. When that happens, believe me when I say distributors are looking to make special deals. That’s exactly what happened with Johnnie Walker Blue King George V Scotch Whisky.

JW King George V was released in 2007 and, despite the price, it was flying off the shelf. It was at this point that I asked my distributor for a better price. Long story short, they gave me the proverbial “middle finger”. Well, three years later and the attitude has changed. King George V sales have slipped and now my distributor wants to make a deal! I smelled blood in the water and attacked. So, until further notice, I’m going to put King George V on sale for my wholesale cost of $351/bottle and I’m going to offer free ground shipping on it. This is your perfect opportunity to take advantage of this special offer.

Please take a moment to check out my:
Video Report on JW Blue King George V

Buy it Now: $351.00!

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